Screenbond can produce :

Single sided printed circuit boards (conventional)
Double sided printed circuit boards (conventional)
Double sided plated through (PTH)
Small batch Multi-layer

Deliveries :

8 Hour same day service
24 Hour Service
48 Hour Service
5 day standard on all prototypes
Volume production on all single and double sided PTH


Copper clad epoxy fibre glass (0.4mm - 3.2mm) Other thicknesses available on request.

Copper Thickness:

1/2 oz to 4 oz

Max. Panel Size:

550mm x 480mm

Minimum track thickness and gap:

6 thou

Board Finishes:

Bare Copper
Lead Free HASL
Gold Plated contacts up to 5um

PCB Finishes

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver

Solder Masks & Ident print

Photo imageable
UV Curable Ink


Sizes down to 0.3mm
Sizes up to (as required)

Bare Board Test

in-house test & sub-contract on SMT technology


ISO9001 (NQA Cert. No 8743)
UL (File No. E207117)

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